Thursday, 1 September 2016

If You Like Old Movies,

which I do, 

this could be just the site for you if you are in to movies from the Soviet era, the site Советские Movies offers a wide variety of movies made in the Soviet Union before it collapsed in 1991, there are choices of comedy, romance, drama, science fiction, adventure, or cartoons, each has a description in English and a YouTube video with either subtitles or dubbed English (sometimes both),

this one caught my attention as it portrays so much about the thinking at the time, The Heavens Call with English subtitles (Battle Beyond the Sun) is a Soviet science-fiction film, produced by Aleksandr Kozyr and Mikhail Karyukov, and filmed at the Dovzhenko Film Studios in 1959, and shows how without regard for themselves the Russian astronauts are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the American astronauts that are in trouble, a great site, it is going to keep me occupied for many months to come.

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