Thursday, 1 September 2016

We Had Run Out Of Tiles,


 but on the way to the builders I called in to pick up the trucks insurance documents from Jack Levy, 

 his office is just a few hundred yards from the builders merchant where I have to order the tiles,

 it is on Pattaya Tai almost opposite the Big C sign if you need to buy tiles, taps and bathroom fittings,

just before it there is ample parking if you drive down this alleyway at the side of it,

 arriving home,

 Arry was giving the new door a sanding and he also gave the front door a coat of varnish as well,

 for myself I decided to give the aquarium a water change, so water out,

 and water in,

 which I hope the fish enjoyed,

 Arry and I think son,

 the front of the pool wall had now been painted,

 and the wire door attached to the frame,

 I thought this was a neat touch, they had brought along a piece of plywood,

 to put under the welder,

 or cutter to save damage to the sand wash,

 next for us a trip to the market,

 when it had opened,

 we bought some of these fish for Mariana,

  on a recommendation from Barry we found that she loves these,

 this is a job that deserves danger money, 

 with all of these bees around the sweets on offer,

 as it was Wednesday it was glad rags on,

 and we were off to Siam@Siam,

 we took the lift to the pool floor,

 and looked over the town on the left,

 the view in front,

 and to towards Naklua,

 and the best view of all,

 Diana took in the view of the city,

 and struck the pose, 

 across the bay one of the floating restaurants,

I took a quick video of the view, it is very quick, well we were hungry!

 so into the restaurant we went,

 I looked around,

 in no particular order,

 at some of the dishes,

 on offer,

 the choice,

 was as usual,


 with many,


 Diana's first course,

 and then my choice of starters,


 there are two options here, 

 you can pay for just the meal,

 or pay extra for the free flow wine,

 which I did,

 and was 990 baht, 

 very kindly one of the waitresses took our picture, 

 and naturally Diana had to take a selfie or two,

 what a great meal, 

 and to round it off, 

 a coffee to follow the last wine of the evening, 

 and what a coffee! 

 it arrived with tubes of sugar, 

 and all manner of other tempting items to add,

 all too soon our candlelight evening was over,

so outside for a yellow and blue taxi home, a couple from 3rd Rock From The Sun and we were off to bed.

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