Friday, 2 September 2016

Another Early Start,

we are off to Bangkok again,

 so there will be just this post today, we have not put many pictures of the kittens on our blog so here are a few, above Hogue,


 Cable on the right, 

 both of the boys really liked the new toy,

 especially Cable, 

 as he takes a walk around the living room,

 then it was the turn of Mariana, the boys are a little too boisterous for her, but she lets them know who is really the boss,

 in the afternoon I went to by a lock/handle for the new door as the one that was fitted was to big to let the wire mesh door close,

 then to the bank,

 during the day,

 the grouting was completed,

 the bad news is that the tiles will not arrive until the weekend,

 so Arry will be back on Monday, 

to continue the work on the kittens room, after our evening mwal itt was a couple of episodes of The Chase, a couple from Judge and to round the evening odd a few from 3rd Rock From The Sun, with that as the taxi arrives at 05.30 in the morning we were off to bed.

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