Saturday, 3 September 2016

When I Think Of Solid Water,

I think of ice,

so what is Solid Rain? a product I had never heard off, but it is making a huge impact in Mexico, Solid Rain is actually a super absorbent polymer that can soak up water up to 500 times its original size and keep it in the ground for up to a year, the story of Solid Rain began in 1970, when the United States Department of Agriculture developed a super absorbent product made from a type of starch known as “super slurper”, in the U.S., it has mainly been used in disposable diapers, to help keep baby bottoms dry, but a Mexican chemical engineer saw this magic powder as an opportunity to effectively fight the drought plaguing his county,

Frank Torres, a former green bean farmer in the Mexican state of Sinaloa used to rely on Solid Rain even though drought wasn’t such a big issue, and claims that production increased by 50%. “Nitrogen wasn’t washing away every time we watered the plants,” he told Modern Farmer. “All the nutrients were absorbed into the roots.” and it is not just farmers that can benefit from Solid Rain, Patricia Lorenzo, a resident of San Diego, also swears by Solid Rain, it has helped cut her lawn sprinkler time from 45 minutes to just six minutes, and the woman claims she only needed to water her home garden four times in a few months, and think of the amount of water used to sustain one of the worlds most water dependent plants, grass, on a golf course, hopefully if the product is as good as stated it could be a life giver to so many counties and communities affected by drought, it just needs a few people to try it a see the results, what a great idea.

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