Wednesday, 1 November 2017

So Many People Have Tried To Fool Penn And Teller,

with close up card tricks,

and failed, but meet Mahdi Gilbert, the 25-year-old Canadian magician who did, making waves in the world of magic, He practices card manipulation and sleight of hand, a common skill set for a magician, but what sets him apart is his lack of hands, standing at four-feet-six inches, Gilbert’s left arm stops at the elbow, and he has an articulated appendage on his right arm,  Gilbert was forced to reinvent magic for himself, individually recreating all of the techniques used in his illusions, “I had to become self-sufficient from an early age; there’s no magic books written for me,” 

Gilbert said in an interview for the documentary Our Magic, above, what an amazing guy and great inspirational story of how not to let life's disadvantages keep you back.

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