Wednesday, 1 November 2017

We Had A Quiet Day,

in the evening, 

 we decided on a chicken soup supper,

 so off to the local food court we went,

 there are about 20 or so stalls here,

 all with different foods to tempt you,

 one of the cooking stations,

 and this was where we were headed, the soup stall,

whilst waiting I took a picture of the stall next door,

and some of the food on offer,

 and a customer at the stall,

 arriving home, sen lek gai, as I call it, fine noodle chicken soup, delicious,

before we went out for our food we watched an excellent drama/documentary, Churchill's Secret, and it was well kept too, in 1953 Churchill had a stroke, it had to be kept from the public and it was, an interesting made for television drama, on a story which at the time could never be told, 

 after watching today's The Chase and finishing our meal, it was all aboard the space ship for Prometheus, a stunning science fiction film, with mind blowing special effects, 

as a tribute to Halloween, we just had to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my favourite animated movies, we had watched it a few times before and were both singing along to the theme song,

we rounded the evening off with Dickensian, it was so good we watched not two but three episodes back to back, and still wanted more as we left episode five on a cliff hanger, but the midnight hour had already fled so we were off to bed.

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