Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Regular Readers Will Know,

when looking for articles to post,

 I spend a lot of time on the Internet and if there is one thing I hate it is tracking programs that follow my every move and then bombard me with pop-ups and advertisements, especially when I am watching a video, so here are two tricks that I use to stop this happening, the fist above is Ghostery, this is the top right-hand corner of my computer screen, I Have mention the program before and posted about it here, when installed it shows a blue ghost outline, the number 15 refers to the number of tracking programs it has stopped, for this illustration I opened a British daily newspaper, yes there were 15 tracking programs following my every move and giving information on my buying and browsing habits to heavens knows who! some you may not want to stop, so there is an option to allow you to chose what you will and will not allow to track you,

the second symbol, the no entry sign, again on the same page shows 41, amazing, on the same one page alone I would as I scrolled down, be shown 41 different advertisements! not only has the program stopped all of these, it also stops all of the annoying banners from appearing on videos I watch or post, the program is called Stop Ads, you can find the app in the Chrome app store, just add it on to your Chrome browser, I have used both and found zero problems with either of them, and now have an un-tracked and un-pop-up browsing experience, and the great news? they are both free! but a word of warning, if either of these programs reduces your computer to a steaming mainframe and pile of smoking plastic do not blame me!!! but as I have said and found, both work 100% for me with zero problems.

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