Sunday, 2 July 2017

Here Is Some Good News,

if you are into art and artefacts,

the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has an Open Access policy that has led them to put 375,000 images under the Creative Commons license earlier this year and now they are teaming up with the Internet Archive for a new digital release,

Vincent van Gogh. Wheat Field with Cypresses. (1889)

 the Internet Archive is already a treasure trove of goodies, housing over 13 million free books and keeping an archive of almost 300 billion web pages, the collection has just gotten richer thanks to a new collaboration with the MET, which recently placed a little over 140,000 art images onto the site, 

cased Colt Model Police Revolver. (1862)

clearly organised into searchable categories, you can take a peek at everything from a 19th-century music box to numerous paintings by Van Gogh,

Albrecht Dürer. The Rhinoceros. (1515)

 divided into both topics and collections, you can hone in on a myriad of objects, from figurines and cups to works from Iran and Peru, 

 Johan Hagemeyer. Albert Einstein, Pasadena. (1931)

and the images aren't limited to painting and sculpture, photographs, textiles, earthenware, and ceramics, as well as jewellery and candle-holders, are just some of the materials available,

 Music box. (c. 1810)

at this rate you will be able to view the contents of every museum without having to leave home, which would be a shame.

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