Tuesday, 4 July 2017

I Keep Well Away From Politics,

but I do seem to remember someone mentioning a Mexican wall,

 and here it is in the city of Qunitana Roo, Cozumel in Mexico, apparently designed to separate the haves and the have nots, AM.mx reports that the party was organised by the “Colegio de Bachilleres”, a state college in Cozumel, for its 2014-2017 generation of graduates,

 the pictures of the wall were taken by Facebook user Salvador Brieno Aleman, and it was not just a short wall, the wall was so high that people that had not paid could not see over it, even while standing up, not much of a party then for non-paying guests then,

however, following the recent backlash on social media, the learning institution has passed all responsibility for the wall in the hands of a private company that it had hired to take care of the event, photos of the wall sparked outrage on social media platforms like Facebook, and the State Human Rights Commission of Quintana Roo has already received several official complaints about this being a clear act of discrimination, the public advocate of Cozumel has already spoken out on this subject, saying that the college cannot escape responsibility, it always seems that walls end up with a bad press, but for myself if I am not invited to a party or concert and can not pay, I do not go, but then that is me, I certainly would not blame the organiser or security company that erected the wall.

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