Saturday, 1 July 2017

Off Out To Go Shopping,

to Friendship,

 the motorcycle parking fees,

 has certainly freed up space in the car park, 

 normally all of this area on market days would be packed with motorcycles and the store packed with customers, but since motorcyclist have been charged to park here if you do not buy anything the numbers have dropped dramatically,

 shopping over we stopped at the rear of TukCom, 

 for a take away ice tea and coffee,

 we were then off to the weekend end night market on Thepprasit Road,  

cloudy skies looking towards Jomtien,

 although brighter still cloudy looking inland,

 tonight a 100 baht clothes stall and a secondhand shoe stall opposite the bar this evening,

 I made my way downhill towards the pet section, the fruit stall was back, but no more work had been done to the steelworks, 

 still the same as last week,

 the fruit stall stocking up,

 and the straw bag shop had a new delivery,

 as I walked past the last upright of the steelworks,

 I could see in the distance some work had been completed since last week,

 I always like going past this shop, there is such a nice perfume in the air,

 I can almost hear the conversation, 'can I have a puppy please?'

 I bought two cases of wet food for the kittens,

 the petting section open this week,

 the pets,

 waiting for their first customers, 

 sunset over the market, 

  the new steel-work, just over half way along the aisle,

 and underneath the finished section,

 stalls waiting for customers,

 I passed the 100 baht stall,

 and the secondhand shoe stall,

 and made my way back to the bar,

 and watched the night sky get darker, 

 the peanut seller had not been here for a number of weeks, but he was now back in his usual spot,

 Diana had been shopping when she joined me we made our way home,

 where we were greeted with a delicious aroma,

 Diana had been slow cooking a lamb shank for our evening meal, and nice it was too, we watched another Westworld, thoroughly enjoyable, and then for the rest of the evening watched game shows, a few featuring antiques and others general knowledge and with that we were off to bed.

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