Sunday, 7 September 2008

Afghans try to slip into Britain in a choccy lorry

THIS is the moment cops arrested a gang of illegal immigrants who smuggled themselves into the UK in a lorry carrying CHOCOLATE.

The 13 men, thought to be from Afghanistan, hid themselves in a truck delivering chocs to supermarkets. But their sneaky plan was foiled when another trucker heard banging from inside the lorry after it pulled into a layby on the A5 in Lutterworth, Leics, on Thursday. The shocked trucker, who filmed the arrests from his own cab, recalled: “I heard knocking coming from the other trailer. I knocked on the door and they knocked back.” He called the police who arrested the 13 men and the driver of their lorry.

But it took them 45 MINUTES to arrive because they couldn’t decide which force to send out to the scene which was on the border of three counties. The trucker added: “I told them people could be dying in there. They’d been hiding for a day and a half, eating the sweets to survive. It’s scary to think how easily they got over here.”

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