Sunday, 7 September 2008

Afternoon at Mr. Tony's

Out at Huay Yai to see Mr. Tony and Booie, Da and Jeff use an umbrella as we arrived in a huge thunderstorm, lighting everywhere, Tom and Gig, Mark, Jeff and Tony, Tom, Tony and Uncassar, Jeff, Da, Tom and Booie, it was raining so hard,

Tony's new micro wave, unfortunately no one except Mark wanted to read the book, but he got it in the end,

Booie cooking the roast,

starters of garlic bread and of course red wine,

the girls had seafood and a bar-b-que,

the girls start their food,

the gardener doubles up as chef! all hands to the pumps! everyone on the go, Diana helping out, roast beef and bar-b-que is served,
Diana, Da, Gig,
fresh fruit desert is served,
Jeff and Da cooling down,
after lunch and when the rain had stopped we had a walk around,
the pond filed up quickly,

the girls getting some plants for cooking,

Booie's bamboo,

this years crop of pineapples, in all a lovely time was had by all, many thanks to Mr. Tony and Booie.


Steve Loeding said...

Hi Stan - got to your blog from Jil's blog (formerly of Pattaya, now of the PI). I really enjoy the pictures - keep up the good work.

Mike Turner said...

Damn these girls are all ugly

Time to get some new stock

Jil Wrinkle said...


You couldn't spout your redneck racist and ignorant remarks on my blog anymore, so you come over her to Stan's blog and bother him.

You're such a loser... wandering around the blog world looking for people to insult. Hah. Your life must suck so bad. You're jealous, you have no friends like the rest of us, and the only thing that can make you feel better is to leave petty and racist insults on blogs.

Stan: Sorry that the star fungus was transferred from my blog to yours. Just delete his comments when you get them. It's like an asshole antifungal: He goes away eventually.

Jil Wrinkle said...


If you want, also, you can go into the comments setting on your Blogger Dashboard and turn off comments completely.

All of us who would leave (nice) comments already have your e-mail address, and we can send you comments that way. You haven't done or said anything that warrants people coming on your blog and saying mean things... so my recommendation is that you just don't let them say anything here at all.