Saturday, 6 September 2008

Big Horn

Friday night out for a meal,

all dressed up and ready to go,

Jeff is now back from the States so the 4 of us decided to have a meal at the Big Horn, it is in a pedestrian soi near soi Diana on Second Road, there are restaurants and tailors shops on both sides of the street, looking towards Second Road from the Big Horn,
not many customers, later a guy played and sang, he was really good, normally I do not like live music in a restaurant as most times it is to loud and stops conversation, but this guy was mellow and made a good evening even better,
the food has arrived,
smoked salmon for me,
egg mayonnaise for Diana,
prawns for Geff and Da,
main course 300 gram steak,
I have to say the deserts left a little bit to be desired, so it was off to Pan Pan in beach road for ice cream and cakes, Pan Pan is in the same area as Spices Indian restaurant we went some time ago,
seating outside on the pavement,
the cocktail car has been there every time we have visited this area,
Diana can not wait for the ice cream!
so much choice,
seating area outside Pan Pan,

triple decker ice cream for Diana!

then back to 388 to round off the evening,

where Jeff got labeled!

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