Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Smallest man in the world.

THINGS are looking up for this little fella – as he has just been officially named the world’s shortest man.At the age of 20, pint-sized He Pingping stands just over 29in tall, the same height as the average one-year-old child. But while a one-year-old weighs around 22lb, Pingping tips the scales at just 16lb. Now his extraordinary height has won him a place in the latest edition of the Guinness World Records book.

and to celebrate his new-found fame Pingping jetted to the UK from his home in Inner Mongolia on a whistle-stop tour of the capital. Not surprisingly, Pingping finds shopping for clothes a pretty tall order and buys his togs mainly from children’s stores. Simon Cundy, of Henry Poole Bespoke Tailors, who have made suits for Churchill and George VI, said Pingping was the shortest person they had ever measured. He added: “His inside leg is just 11½in and his chest is just 20in.

Calling home from a traditional red phone box was an impossible stretch for Pingping. And posting a letter home proved highly difficult as he didn’t even come close to reaching the post box slot. He finally got a helping hand from Caroline who lifted him up to the box.

now he has has secured the official world record, Pingping stands to earn a fortune for his family as the world’s smallest man. Despite his growing reputation, Pingping’s ambitions are fairly modest. He said: “I just want to have a normal life, get married and have children.” But given the amount of attention he attracts by simply walking down the street, sadly it seems this is one dream which might be a bit too far out of Pingping’s reach.

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