Sunday, 14 September 2008

Joe's Birthday

Joe's Birthday Party at Prichai Seafood Restaurant,
the restaurant is about 30 minuets outside of Pattaya, the other side of the Ambassador hotel in Ban Ampur, there are about 5 restaurant's located in that area,
Diana all dressed up and ready to go,

Diana and Uncshar at the restaurant,

Mark and Uncshar, Diana and myself, Noi, Jeab and Joe, Eric, Marty and Mo,

inside Prichai,

Parrot fish, only fresh food here,
Mantis shrimps and clams,
Diana deciding on the main course,
the weather was looking really grim, high winds but the rain held off,
all ready to start!
curried crab,
grilled blah Kapong,

steamed prawns,

table full of seafood, delicious!

Jeff and Da,

Steve, and baby Laura,

Joe's birthday presents from Tom and Gig,

another present for Joe,

cheers from Tom,


Carl, Joe and Steve,

Gig, myself and Diana,

Tom and Gig into a size thing,

Gig won!

then it was back to my place, we all watched a few episodes of Little Britain which, as we were all a bit pissed, found hugely funny,

Jeff and Da,

so much excitement Joe could not keep up,

sweet dreams and happy birthday!

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Jil Wrinkle said...

Heh. It's funny: Half of the get-together's at your house could end with the line, "and Joe fell asleep."