Saturday, 13 September 2008

Valantinos and Pan Pan

Second visit to Valentino's, last week Diana and myself went to the opening night at Valentino's and had a nice time there, after mentioning it to some of our friends we decided to meet up there for a meal once it had opened, the menu was smilier to the one on offer in the other Valentino's next to Foodland, the house wine was good and at only 545 baht a bottle, Diana ready to go,

one of our trusty motorcycles outside Valentino's, I must admit although we have a truck using a bike to get around town, epically trying to park is so much quicker on the bikes, inside Valentino's, Ricardo was making some food for some of his friends and kindly brought some over for us to try, beans and pork in a slightly spicy sauce, Jeff and Da's starter, which we all tucked into! Jeff and Da, Diana, myself, Doc. Jeff, Eric, Jeff and Da, all of us again,

Doc. Jeff, and myself,

the happy couple,

Eric enjoying his meal, outside Valentino's, the problem with Valentino's it that it is just up the hill a little way from Pan Pan's, Diana decided that the deserts there were better so we all went to Pan Pan's,
outside Pan Pan, myself and Diana, Jeff and Da,

same as above but with Doc. Jeff,

Diana just can not wait to order!

so many deserts, so little time!

ice cream,


and more cakes,

someone likes my desert!

and very nice it was too!

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