Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The UK's golfing Super Star's have arrived!

missed them by 10 minuets,
looking along 2nd. road towards Sabai Resort,
Sundra and Mahendra telephoned me this morning to say they all had arrived, but it was one of those things that I had my annual medical check up this morning, by the time that was done and we drove to their hotel they had left to go shopping, but as we were there I took a few shots of the hotel, it is on Second road, near the Big C on the same side of the road called Sabai Resort,

a view of the reception area from the car park,

beautiful swimming pool,

looking to the left,

and to the right,

pool side bar,

television area in reception,

Diana as we were leaving the Resort,

shrine at Sabai Resort,

we then parked up in Friendship car park to go round the market, in the car park was the bike above, all I can say is that who ever owns it takes bike touring very seriously! the suitcase sized baggage on the back must make the handling of the bike challenging to say the least,

disc rear brakes and gas filled suspension,

I particularly liked the blue electric fan on the top of the windscreen, I guess to keep the rider cool at traffic lights!

Diana after a hard mornings shopping,

relaxing with a nice ice coffee, Eric, Joe and my self are meeting up with all of the golfing Super Stars tonight at 8, just going out for a few drinks as tomorrow Diana and myself leave for the Philippines, so I hate to say no more posts for the next week or so, but I will then put all of Philippine trip on and all the pictures that I take of Jil and Eprils wedding.

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