Monday, 22 September 2008

Sunday at Nick and Maureen's,

on Sunday we popped around to Nick and Maureen's, a warm welcome from Maureen, Paul from the UK called in as well, but it was to hot for Ta-Taa who has a slight heat rash, but the pool looked cool! Diana posing for the camera,
Diana with Pricil,
we staged this shot, Diana cooking, that will be the day!
Paul and Jay with his medicinal red wine,

Jay and Pricil,

you've got more than me! no I haven't! yes you have!

Pricil and Diana enjoying Maureen's excellent cooking,

and chocolate ice cream to follow, which Diana really enjoyed, as did Paul and all of us,

the happy couple, the perfect hosts, Maureen and Nick, many thanks for inviting us yet again,

then it was home to change and out to see Juu in Champions, then on to see Tom in Sisterz finally ending up in Shooters.

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Jil Wrinkle said...

A British Sunday roast has become a tradition for Epril and I here in The Philippines as well. There is a British owned hotel near to our house that has an expatriate get-together every Sunday with roast beef served that we go to. We've made lots of friends there whom you will be meeting at the wedding, Stan.