Monday, 21 September 2015

Built Some 25 Years Or So Ago,

for the EXPO ’90,

or the International Garden and Greenery Exposition as it was known, was hosted by the city of Osaka from April through September of 1990, the fair attracted over 23,000,000 visitors over a six-month run, so what to do with the bus shelters from the event?

enter Konagai, a small town situated just east of Nagasaki, that decided to host the little-known Nagasaki Journey exhibition,

 it has a number of devoted followers who I guess travel the route,

 and here it is with details of which fruits are at which stop,

and geographically where they are, the bus stops are erected along the 207 National Highway have become a tourist attraction in their own right, I wonder if you can book a tour or just take the regular bus?

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