Monday, 28 September 2015

Sunday Again,

I am out for Sunday lunch,

 but first, roll up, roll up, for all the fun of the fair! Diana had sent me theses pictures of her and the family out on Saturday night at a local Fiesta or Carnival,

 lots of rides,

to choose from,

 Diana and Daisy May,

 tickets to go in,

 then food,

 again lots to choose from,

 I am not sure what this is, 

but it could be like this a game of skill,

 everyone queueing up for the rides,

 Mum and Lyn,

 followed by Dad and Daisy May, we chatted away on Line in the morning, also Arry called by to pick up a flood damaged mattress and took it the the city dump for us, then off for Sunday lunch,

 we parked in Soi LK Metro,

 and made our way back to Soi Diana,

 and this is where we were going, on the left, the Robin's Nest,

 Mr. Tony had very kindly given me a lift, and we meet Slim Jim there,

 one of the chef's replenishing a tray of food,

 some of the ever attentive staff,

 Mr. Tony and myself decided on the 279 baht carvery,

 Slim Jim opted for a spaghetti bolognese,

which looked huge,

 on to desserts, crumble for both Mr. Tony,

 and Slim Jim,

 ice cream for myself, 

 we chatted and joked the afternoon away,

 over a coffee or two,

 I decided on a latte,


 a great way to spend Sunday lunch, we said our farewells to Slim Jim,

 love the neon,

 looking back towards Soi Bukaow,

 then heading,

 to LK Metro for the car,

 past some of the bars,

 as you can imagine,

 this Soi looks totally different at night,

back in the car and heading to the condo/hotel on Third Road, 

 arriving home it was feet up for a couple of Sunday afternoon films, firstly Total Recall, the 1990 version,

 followed by Exodus Gods and Kings, great movie with great special effects, but one slight point we both commented on, the Sphinx shown in the movie was totally wrecked and weather beaten, we both thought at the time it would have looked, well brand new, it looked worse in the movie than it does now, still I have to say I would have thought it would have got a higher score than 6.1, 

after saying goodbye to Mr. Tony a real treat for me The Grand Budapest Hotel, I have watched it so many times before and still enjoy watching it again, for me everything is just so right, so with me humming the Appenzell yodel "s'Rothe-Zäuerli" by Ruedi and Werner Roth I was off to bed.

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