Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I Had A Quiet Day At Home,

but Diana popped out,

 for a girl's afternoon window shopping expedition and meal at the Central Festival with Riza, so for me it was tea and biscuits, feet up for a black and white very old movie, the one I chose from the set of three was We Dive At Dawn, a stiff upper lip war movie based in a submarine, a thrilling, for it's time, adventure starring Sir John Mills

after our evening meal and some cable television we settled down to watch Interstellar, one of the few space movies we have seen where the space shots are so realistic, good enough to make you think you are actually there, but leaving that aside a movie that is appealing on so many levels and the twist, so good, we both really enjoyed the story although in places a bit difficult to follow, but well worth watching,

then like the afternoon movie back to Britain at war, well just getting over one in Foyle's War, tonight's episode The Russian House, as you might expect another gripping story set against the end of the war, we liked it and so did a lot of other people as it scored an 8.00 on the IMDb, with that we were then off to bed. 

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