Friday, 18 September 2015

The Clean Up Began,

still one good thing about the rain,

 which is still coming down as I write this, is I do not have to water the plants and it even might have helped this one flower,

 it put up a huge stem,

opened overnight and was dead in the morning, I guess in it's natural habitat fertilised nocturnally by moths,

 after our evening meal Ocean's Thirteen, a feel good bad guys robbing a bad guy movie,

we then decided to start a new series, we had borrowed Foyle's War from Nick and Maureen and had settled down to watch the last in the series, but alas for some reason our player would not play it, so we decided on Wolf Hall, a television mini series, we watched the first two episodes, it deals in the same time frame as The Tudors, but is a lot more atmospheric, in that the producers went for more natural lighting so you would see the actual effect of candle light as the people would have at the time, also so far the series is concentrating on Thomas Cromwell and the interaction between him King Henry VIII's court and of course Anne Boleyn, the second episode bogged down a little but we are looking forward to the third this evening, with that we were off to bed.

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