Wednesday, 30 September 2015

If You Are Looking For A New Tablet,

this could be the one for you,

Google have just unveiled their new Pixel C, which Google announced at its Nexus event today in San Francisco, it will be a 10.2-inch tablet with a USB-C charger, the tablet will run on Android Marshmallow and has a screen resolution of 2560x1800 (308 ppi) with 3 GB of RAM, the tablet is powered by a Nvidia X1 quad-core processor and Maxwell GPU, and has stereo speakers, "C" stands for convertible, because the tablet will integrate with a bluetooth keyboard that attaches magnetically to the Pixel C, the keyboard tucks behind the Pixel C when it's not needed, and inductively charges when not in use, Google says that the keyboard will function with just a few minutes of charging per day, guide prices start at $499 for a 32 GB model, plus $149 for the keyboard, now how many weeks away is Christmas?

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