Friday, 25 September 2015

Out To Go Shopping,

to Tesco Lotus,

 dustbins were back in stock, admittedly small ones but at least we have one, so now hopefully the packs of dogs that roam Pattaya will not pull our plastic bin liners apart, I have to say it that is one thing I miss about Phnom Penh, no packs of dogs taking over various streets making riding a motorcycle difficult and walking in places impossible,

and here we are fully stocked, for some reason the wine we normally have was a tad less expensive in Tesco than Makro, I also topped up on soda water, coffee and a few other items,

 after my evening meal I watch Fury on cable television, then followed that with Solomon Kane, great medieval action movie,

next Fracture, we had watched the film a couple of times before, but still enjoyable to watch again, with that as it was late I was off to bed.

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