Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Straight On To Today's Post,

as I am up early for my bi-monthly health check,

 we had a busy day ahead, first thing off to the motorbike shop,

 as we had a few miles to travel today a top up of air in the tyres,

 first stop the bank, I had a telephone call to say I needed to sign a few papers for my new Mastercard, papers signed and some money drawn out and we were over the road to the Pattaya Beer Garden,

 we made our way past the Samsung television which today was not working,

 and alongside the beer bars on the walkway to the garden, the view looking past the water treatment plant along the beach, work still seems to be continuing burying pipes in the sand,

 looking across towards the new marina,

 work has certainly come on a pace on the new condo,

 behind the pier building, when finished it will have commanding views across the bay, if you like heights!

 whilst waiting for our breakfast a long tail boat made it's way past us,

 and what better way to start the day,

 than with an ice coffee,

 and a prawn cocktail overlooking the bay?


 and for Diana a few mini burgers or sliders as they are known here with coated chips and coleslaw, the bill came to 370 baht including Diana's water, we next stopped at the money exchange, we wanted to convert some Thai baht into American dollars for our forthcoming holidays to Cambodia and Hong Kong,
also this morning the postman called to say a package was waiting for us at the Chaiyapruk post office on the Sukhumvit Road which is almost opposite the floating market, but before that a little bit of excitement, as we made our way along Second Road there was a police presence, about 6 or 7 officers were pulling everyone over, including motorbike taxi drivers which we had never seen happen before, anyway a quick look at my newly renewed Thai driving licence and we were on our way with a remarkable American accented, 'have a nice day!',

 and this is what we picked up, Diana just loves these, Jacob's Cheddars, so unknown to her I bought 12 packs of them from the UK, I kidded her along that I did not know what the package was, so taxes and duty paid and we were on our way home,

we watched some cable television in the afternoon, after our evening meal Transcendence, a sci-fi set in the not too distant future where artificial intelligence is taken to a new level of self awareness and actual physical form, very enjoyable,

to round the evening off another from Foyle's War, tonight's episode titled Killing Time, with that we were off to bed.

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