Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I Guess We Have All Seen Drones,

or some of the aerial videos they take,

but what about an underwater one? enter the Trident, made byOpen ROV, a few things first, radio waves do not travel well underwater so you need a cable to transmit to it regarding direction, attitude, depth and speed and to receive back images, at in this case up to 100mb/sec, so there is a 82 foot cable to connect the drone to the surface, but that is not a limit as other longer cables are available, the Trident has a high-powered HD camera which provides live video, and its embedded LED lights illuminate areas that are too deep for light to reach, or while diving at night and is powered by three thrusters (two on each side in the back, and one on top) that allows for both high speed and precision-control in tight quarters,

to operate the Trident all you need is any laptop, tablet or most mobile telephones, the device has a 3 hour battery and can travel at speeds of up to 2 meters a second according to the blurb, it can be used both in fresh or saltwater, so how much do you want one? although not yet featured on the company's web page yours for just $1,200 and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was neat to be able to get those underwater videos you have always dreamed of making without have to get wet or learn to dive.

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