Friday, 4 September 2015

The Day Started With A Couple Of Bills To Pay,

so off on the motorbike,

 to the 3BB office to pay our Internet bill,

 it is located on the Thepprasit Road,

where the weekend night market normally is, next stop to the 7-11 to pay the water bill, 

 our final stop, Linda's restaurant, 

 we wanted to book a table for this evening, 

 and this is the one we booked,

 the restaurant is located on Thappreya Rd, looking up the hill towards Pattaya,

 and down the hill towards Jomtien,

as a further guide to where it is the Jomtien Complex is just opposite, then home,

we watched some television during the rest of the day, next glad rags on,

 and we were back to the restaurant, we were dining with Jim and Cher,

Diana ordered a long island tea,

 which was a tad more alcoholic than she had thought it was going to be, a beer for Jim and red wine for Cher and myself,

 on to the meal, for starters Jim ordered prawns,

 mussels for Cher,

 salmon for Diana,

 I also went with the mussels,

 'Cheers!' from all of us,

 on to the main courses, Cher ordered salmon,

which came with a mountain of rice,

 a sizzling dish for Diana,

 a steak with baked potato and onions,

and nice it looked too,

 both Jim,

 and myself,

 went with the 250 gram rib eye steak,

 then the desserts,

 and what a treat,

 although I have forgotten the names of them,

 I know this one was the creme caramel the sugar decoration on the top tasting of butterscotch, delicious!

 why when they are on the table do I always end up with an orchid behind my ear?

 we rounded off the meal with latte coffees,

 and nice they were too, we chatted the evening away, we had arrived at 6.30 but were the last to leave, after saying our farewells to Jim and Cher we caught a blue and yellow taxi home, feet up for a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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