Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mopping Up Finished,

so off to Tesco Lotus to replace a few things that we had lost,

 thankfully clear skies as most of the storm it appears has now past us by,

 but where would shopping be without a stop at Swensens first?

the two major things that we wanted to buy was a bathroom weighing scale, water had severely upset the one we had, it had to be replaced, so 'hello Snoopy' every morning will set the tone for the day, next on our list a dustbin, ours along with the rest of the street had been swept away, not that we take much notice of them but normally they are piled high in the store, but not today, except for three with no lids the store had sold out, I guess that many in Pattaya were in the same boat and had lost their bins, but somewhere someone must have a pile of them at the end of their street,

time to change my watch for this week, this the choice, a watch made to commemorate the 50th. anniversary of the end of the Second World War,

 later in the afternoon we were off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 sunset looking towards Pattaya,

 looking inland slight cloud,

 eleven colours of T shirts, now which to choose?

 a new selection of dolls this week,

 opposite the bar tonight a clothes stall and a group being shown around,

 having not been here for two weeks I had expected this are by now to have been covered in,

 but it appears that the plan is to keep this area open,

 and leave just the food area,


 and fully lit,

 except one line of stalls,

 that backs on to the pet section,

 immediately behind that some concrete posts have been erected , so we will wait and see what happens next,

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way back past the far end of the covered area,

 in the open area space for a few new stallholders still remains,

 the sky getting a little hazy,

 I was expecting a run on these, after every flood at least one or both flip-flops disappears in the flood as the water recedes as they float away, I guess the same as the dustbins, there must be  street somewhere with a mountain of odd flip-flops in it!

 now looking inland the skies starting to clear,

only one stall this evening behind the bar,

 I am sure this truck looks overloaded but is not, it is common to see trucks like this daily on the roads,

 this evening we were joined by Brian at the bar, thankfully where he lives is not prone to flooding, so no clearing up for him and his family, as usual we put the world to rights, after that saying our goodbyes we made our way home,

after our evening meal and a film on TMN cable we watched another from Wolf Hall, one thing I like about this series is the realism of the costumes, according to the producers they are 99% accurate, based on pictures and written accounts of the period at that time, the other 1%? Mark Rylance (who plays the lead character Thomas Cromwell), has stated that the codpieces on the otherwise historically accurate costumes were made smaller at the request of PBS who felt that American audiences might be offended, with that piece of trivia we were off to bed.

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