Friday, 25 September 2015

I Am Now Looking At Big Boys Toys,

in this case the Bloodhound SSC,

 this is it in kit form,

and with the correct instructions it transforms into this, for an attempt on the current world land-speed record of 763 mph to become the fastest car ever built, it is hopped that Bloodhound SSC will top 1,000 mph, but to do that is no easy feat, the story started in 2008, when Andy Green who holds the record and previous record holder Richard Noble and the then science minister Lord Drayson, launched Bloodhound in 2008, their aim was to inspire the next generation of problem solvers to put their great talent into science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and a fascinating story it is, now coming to it's conclusion in South Africa soon, I will wait with interest to see how the attempt goes.

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