Saturday, 19 September 2015

Electric Cars Seem To Be Getting Faster And Faster,

and this one from Taiwan, 

in its sports version could be fastest of them all, it is the Thunder Power Sedan, the car is being produced by a power tool company from Taiwan, 

and the spec sheet is impressive, this Thunder Power Sedan is a rear-wheel-drive four-door that comes with either a 308- or 429-horsepower setup, on a full charge, the Thunder Power is said to have a range of just over 400 miles, if you give it a quick 30-minute charge it can have a range of around 186 miles, it is a concept car as we talk, but if made it will walk the walk with performance figures of 0-62 miles per hour in under five seconds on the more potent version, and the Thunder Power Sedan will have a top speed of 155 miles per hour, the styling is alleged to be from renowned Italian design house Zagato,

the company have also put forward the design of their Thunder Power Racer, it looks like an electric GT3 race car concept car, the company seems to think that production will take off, announcing the cars should go on sale in Europe by the end of 2017, after that the company will launch in China in 2018, and then attempt to market them in the USA.

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