Saturday, 26 September 2015

Not Many People Will Know What This Building Is,

it is in the UK at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire,

it is the home of the UK's secret police, one of the aims of it is to record the website browsing habits of “every visible user on the Internet.” billions of digital records about ordinary people’s online activities are being stored every day, among them details cataloging visits to porn, social media and news websites, search engines, chat forums, and blogs, and the name of this operation? the Karma Police, just one of it's many systems in operation which builds profiles showing people’s web browsing histories, another analyzes instant messenger communications, emails, Skype calls, text messages, cell phone locations, and social media interactions, separate programs were built to keep tabs on “suspicious” Google searches and usage of Google Maps, welcome to Big Brother 1984, it also appears that many International cables are being used as sources of information,

the strange thing is all of this started happening 7 years ago, without any public debate or scrutiny, if you want to read more this is a link to the article in The Intercept, it makes fascinating reading, especially when you find out about Mutant Broth, if you use Google Maps and Google Earth you will have given valuable data to Marbled Gecko, though Infinite Monkeys may not be of a concern to you unless you use online bulletin boards and forums, the report really is a great read, I never knew so many people knew so much about every single one of us.

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