Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The 1,000,000 Corvette,

looked like this,

 after it was rescued, back on February the 13th 2014 we posted a piece about a national tragedy, a sinkhole open up under the National Corvette Museum, several cars were badly damaged, in fact as it happens some could not be salvaged, but GM wanted to save the millionth, not an easy job as this car had something very special about it, the car was signed by every person who had a hand in building it, that meant those parts needed to be repaired instead of replaced, only two signed components couldn’t be saved, so the team had the autographs scanned, reproduced as transfers and placed on the replacement parts, “We went to great lengths to preserve every autograph,” said David Bolognino, director of GM Global Design Fabrication Operations, “In the end, we saved every one of them, which was an unexpected and important element to the restoration.” one component with a single signature from Bowling Green Assembly employee Angela Lamb was too damaged to save or even accurately scan for her autograph, Chevrolet worked with the National Corvette Museum to secure a new signature from Lamb on the replacement part, so the 1-millionth Corvette will be historically accurate down to the last signature, so maybe next time a museum is planned do a scan with ground penetrating radar?

but here is the good news the one millionth Corvette all as it should be.

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