Monday, 7 September 2015

Straight On To Today's Post,

as we are off on holiday to Cambodia,

first thing Monday morning for a few days, so up with the lark, we will not be posting till we return so look back later in the week or next week if we extend our stay, but back to Sunday, as many will know I regard the kitchen as a malevolent force, out to get me at the slightest provocation, well Sunday was no exception, the outer part of the oven door fell off, a piece of glass about a quarter of an inch thick covering the whole front of the oven, the inner door thankfully stayed in place, missing both Diana and myself I am happy to say, also on the good news front the oven still worked, but on our return it will be a repair/replace job,

 it made no difference to the fish, they all knew that they would get a few extra helpings of peas,

 and for Sunday lunch today, roast duck with all of the trimmings,


a wine and a bowl of apple, current and cinnamon crumble and custard, a great way to end a meal,

  well I just had to try out my new tortoise shell glasses, not quite as nice as these, but pretty close,

 another 'Cheers!',

 then on to the second dessert,

I mentioned yesterday that I could not eat cheese well that is not quite true, I enjoy brie, Camembert and cheddar cheese to name just a few, but the moment cheese is cooked as in a pizza or welsh rarebit I have an immediate gag reflex, I always have to make sure I am 'up wind' of anyone eating cooked cheese and even Parmesan though it is not cooked, why? I have no idea, but there it is, so for tonight a extra dessert of brie, biscuits, celery and salt,

we spent the rest of the evening listening to music, a few that are memorable, Stan Getz, totally timeless whether you are listening to male, female or the instrumental parts of the song,

just as timeless the Dave Brubeck Quartet with Take 5, we followed a few more with an evening of Cajun music which Chas and Petra Harrison introduced me to back in the 1970s, I just love Cajun music it seems so simple but is in fact remarkably complicated, I like the melodies and tunes such as La Danse De Mardi Gras, which I know we have featured before, but I also love the titles,

such as this one, 'Hold My False Teeth' and that is it, what the? my mind raced several years ago as I heard the title for the first time as I thought of possibilities, unfairly I guess, I thought of red necks as I believe they are called, handing their false teeth to a loved one as they prepared to get into a fight, but it had to be more romantic than that, then it hit me, 'Hold My False Teeth' as I give you a kiss, well that seemed a bit off as well, I mean you give your false teeth to your loved one dripping with saliva and uneaten particles of food then giving her a kiss? hardly romantic, so with the aid of both Titan and Tianhe-2, plus a little help from google and my limited knowledge of Cajun French it transpires the title is Hold My False Teeth and I'll Show You How to Dance, well why not? so the first waltz with me, please hold these dear, with that we were off to bed.

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