Wednesday, 23 September 2015

More And More People,

seem to have tattoos,

 investing countless hours of pain and money into making them, but what happens when you die? it was a given they would be dead and buried with you, but not anymore,

you can now have your beloved tattoo carved from you when you die and mounted in a picture frame thanks to a company called Save My Ink, after death, relatives have 18 hours to inform Save My Ink, they are then sent a removal kit with instructions, and a prepaid return packaging to the funeral home, the tattoo needs to be removed by the embalmer within 60 hours and sent back to Save My Ink, the art is then returned to the family after three to six months for you to hang on your wall or your place of honor, it must be me, somehow I would prefer a picture of the departed loved one, I mean if you look at the money I have spent on my teeth in my life it would be far more expensive than most tattoos, but would you really want to see my gnashers staring down at you from the mantelpiece?

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