Saturday, 5 September 2015

We Had Some Shopping To Do,

so we parked at the side of TukCom,

 we will be seeing Mark next week and he asked us to buy him some small files,

 files bought and off to Soi Bukaow market,

 the no left turn system working well, 

 as was the no right turn leaving Soi Bukaow,

 break the law at your peril!

 into the market,

 a quick look at the live fish stall,

 a dress or two for Diana perhaps,

 the livestock section with ducks and chickens,

 this stall with hamsters and rabbits,

 the plant section looking colourful,

 I do not know what these red ones are but they looked unusual and bright,

 who ever was pushing this cart was having a well earned break, it was unbelievably hot and sticky,

 we had a ice coffee by Pattaya Tai when I noticed that if whoever owned this car had read the sign they parked by,

they would not have been wheel clamped,

we arrived back home, a quick picture of the files mark wanted, evidently not easy to find in Cambodia,

then it was glad rags on and we were off,

 to the Royal Cliff,

 Barry had very kindly invited us out for a meal,

to one of the several restaurants there, 

 we made our way through the main foyer,

 past these huge modern chandeliers,

and past one of the bar areas complete with an aquarium, 

 we were dining at the Maharani Indian restaurant, 

so it was eyes down and tuck in,

 chicken tikka masala,

 saffron rice, 

and aloo gobi were just a few of the courses that followed a selection of starters,

'Cheers!' from all of us, after the meal we made our way home and thanked Barry for his hospitality, then feet up for tonight's episode of Foyle's War, this one, titled The Hide, at the end of that we were off to bed.

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