Saturday, 19 September 2015

There Are Many Ways Of Keeping Fit,

swimming, walking, trekking, lifting weights to name a few,

but you can combine some of the them, like trekking and weightlifting as Russian powerlifter Andrey Rodichev did, he trained twice a day, seven days a week, every morning he would run on the streets for an hour and a half with an additional weight of 10 kg, in the evening, he would work out at the gym, he lost about 20 kg of bodyweight to reach the ideal weight for the challenge, and the challenge? to scaled Mount Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak (5642 m) with a 75-kg barbell on his back, crikey I could not even pick one up! the arduous task took him 8 days, but what a feat of physical exercise, for the full story and more pictures have a look at the 7 Summits Club website, makes my attempt at keeping fit very feeble indeed, but a big 'well done' to Andrey.

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