Thursday, 17 September 2015

Straight On To Today's Post,

for reasons that will become apparent as you read it,

 the day started badly, my monitor finally gave up the ghost, it had been playing up intermittently and the screen had so many pixels and places where the colours were not correct, but now it would not switch on from standby, in truth it should have been replaced years ago, but I kept putting it off, so off we went to buy one, but first we called back to Central Festival, and found the B2S store in the main building and they had the kindle we wanted in stock, taxes and duty paid, 11,990 baht later and we were on our way to Numchai to buy a new monitor,

 in we went for a new monitor, the great news for us was that the latest LG 32" was on sale, so we bought that, whilst there we also made the decision to buy a new amplifier so that we could use all of the speakers and not just the ones in the television, success! as we leave and Diana holds up the Kindle,

 to celebrate we had a ice coffee and green tea,

 later in the afternoon 2 engineers form Numchai arrived, they removed the old screen,


 and assembled the new screen,

 and it was all systems go, I could actually see what I was doing!

which left the amplifier,

 a third technician arrived and completed wiring the speakers into it, all of the system now sounds as good as it did when we first bought it,

 in the late afternoon Mr. Tony called round as we were all going to Cherry's, but just before we left the heavens opened,

 everywhere the roads had flooded, but Mr. Tony navigated our through, alarmingly at one stage the car started to float and we moved sideways for a instant, arriving at Cherry's I took these few pictures from the steps that lead into the rear of the restaurant,

 the thunder, lightning and rain was non-stop,

 it was a given that all of Pattaya would be flooded,

 and we later found out that it was,

 into the restaurant and a look at the salad bar,

 and some of the starters,

there was also some soup,

for a starter, today spinach,

and a Thai dish for another starter,

 then on to some of the main meals,

 the staff were mopping up, the rain was so fierce I guess the water found a weakness and in it came,

 back to the food, sushi,

 and some desserts,

 to tempt us later,

 and a surprise for Diana, Steve from the UK had called over and joined us for this evening's meal, and as a treat had brought over some Toblerones for her,

 so a quick 'Cheers!',

 as we all,

 tuck in to, 

 tonight's meal,

 a glass of medicinal red,

 then on to the desserts,

 and finally a latte coffee, Cherry's is situated on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, Telephone +66 (0)38 05 24 30, the meal we had tonight was the all you can eat International buffet which is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays for 399 baht each, 

 then it was time to go, luckily the area at the rear steps were raised, so it was not too deep for Mr. Tony to get into the driver's side,

 and by now it had stopped raining,

 and the water was receding,

 at quite a rate if you look at the way it is flowing past the legs of the pedestrian at the top right of the picture,

 we continued on our way home, 

 but it was miserable going for many travellers,

 Mr. Tony dropped Steve off on the way back and we continued home,

 to find our house flooded, we said our goodbyes to Mr. Tony

 and operation clean-up began, luckily the flood defences I had put in place a couple of years ago,

 sort of worked,

 we had just 2" or so of water indoors,

 speaking to the lady next door,

 in her home it was up to just under her knee, she said they had lost so many things to the water,

 so no time to change,

 it was out with the mops for a couple of hours, we (Diana), well we only had one mop, cleared up the worst, but tomorrow we will attack the last few patches, then the major clean up begins, outside it is a complete mess and by the way if anyone finds our dust bin that floated off, could they let us have it back? with that we were off to bed.

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