Thursday, 3 September 2015

Up Early,

and off to the hospital for my bi-monthly check up,

 I arrived at 8.00 in the morning, so the check up started, weight, 76.5 Kg, blood pressure 128 over 60 and 68 heart beats per minute, which all seemed to be fine, blood sample taken then off for a real treat, a English breakfast!, so I drove to Soi LK Metro and entered it from Soi Bukaow, looking at the end of the Soi,

 these are the two buildings that we saw on Sunday behind the Robin's Nest,

 and this where I will be eating, Kilkenny,  

 as I have an hour to wait before the blood test result is in,

 it is opposite the Billabong bar and hotel,

 looking through the balloons, the bar had a party last night,

 breakfast is served, good value for money just 135 baht, diet restarts tomorrow!

 this is something you will often see if you are out here, offerings and prayer made by pretty much everyone,

 and mobile food sellers,

 beer coolers washed and drying in the sun, 1 hour was up, so back to the hospital, blood sugar 125 which was good, a chat with the doctor and an appointment was made in the afternoon to see a ear specialist, I kept having a blocked ear, so I was on my way home, Diana was out shopping, so I was thinking I would be home alone, but as I drove into the Soi I meet Bill walking the other way, he had just called so now I was in we settled down for a chat, after an hour or so Alex called by so we all chatted some more, after saying our farewells I was back to the hospital, my left ear needed cleaning, the amount of wax removed was staggering, the good new was that there was no infection, but the doctor prescribed some drops to use for the next week, only 1 slight problem, I had switched my telephone off so it did not ring whilst seeing the doctor, you guessed it, I had forgotten to switch it back on again, I thought it was a bit quiet for the rest of the day!

 in the evening it was glad rags on as we were out to Cherry's,

 for their International buffet, the salad bar,

 next to a selection of starters,

 including sushi,

 the buffet is 399 baht and is held every Wednesday and Saturday,

 lots of heated main course dishes to chose from,

 plus a carvery and a selection of pizzas,

 Jim and Cher were also here, just having returned from Siem Reap in Cambodia,

 so eyes down and start with the salad bar,

 our first round of starters,

 followed by a second round and then on to the main course, 'Cheers!',

 dessert to finish and what a selection,

7 flavors of ice cream to choose from,

 a difficult choice for Diana,

 3 desserts all for me, not really two of them are not mine, guess who's they are? Cherry's is situated on Third Road opposite what was one the X-Cite disco,

we finished with a coffee, then home, after saying our goodbyes to Mr. Tony we settled down to watch some cable television, then ear drops in and we were off to bed.

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