Sunday, 6 September 2015

We Had A Quiet Day,

but during it received some good news from the UK,

 so instead of our usual romantic Saturday night bar-b-q for two we decided to eat out, so glad rags on, 

 and motorbike taxis to Maggs, on Thepprasit Road,

 we were the first dinners to arrive,

 but the place was soon full so it is advisable to book, 

 inside the place is opulent, 

 I had read somewhere that it was once a showroom for a company that sold plaster for interior decor,

 so all of the ceilings and other examples of their craft had been left in place,

 I have to admit I dropped a clanger, I ordered the mussels but they arrived covered in melted cheese,

 which I cannot eat,

 worse (for me) Diana's Caesar salad had a cheese filling, the good news was that Diana had two starters,

 so I had to have two as well, first a lobster bisque,

 followed by chicken tikka,

 I know we had an Indian meal last night, but I just love Indian food,

after a very long break we ordered our main courses, a wagyu steak for Diana,

 lamb chops for myself,

 both meals came complete with a full selection of vegetables,

 and sauce if required,

 we just had to finish with some profiteroles, 

 which we shared, 

 to round off the evening, 

a coffee each, to round off a perfect meal except for the fact that two English couples decided to bring their screaming brats with them, I do not speak child but I guess they were about a year old, both kids decided to get into a who can scream loudest contest with the parents commenting in a loud voice, 'it's because we are not giving them enough attention', to which other dinners in the room countered with comments such as 'duct tape' and 'use superglue' the waiters were visibly embarrassed but what could they do? thankfully the dregs of English low class parentage left after an hour or so and all of the diners in the now full restaurant could enjoy their food and conversation, if you have never eaten in Maggs give it a try, but as I mentioned before it is a good idea to book a table, it is immensely popular, we made our way home in a baht bus, then feet up, a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Call me old fashioned, I preferred the days when Pattaya was not pitched as a family holiday destination.