Thursday, 24 September 2015

Up Early,

and Diana was away, 

 to the airport,

 although we are officially married in January we are going to have a ceremony in the Philippines in Diana's home town for all of her family and our friends, so there are lots of preparations to take care of, so for the next week or two she will be busy,

 meanwhile back here after she left the bugman called,

 so off for breakfast,

 to Friendship supermarket,

 arriving home I noticed one of the cactus had flowered,

 bright yellow, all of the rain we are having must be doing some good,

 who knows it may even seed,

 my meals for the next few days, one pack for breakfast one for lunch, etc, it might seem an extravagant way to eat, but by the time I have bought all of the individual ingredients I am sure the cost would be similar, well that is my argument anyway, also the kitchen has not trapped me lately and I do not want to tempt it now,

 during the day I just bimbled around the house and played a few games on the computer, having the new screen I was amazed at how much detail I was not seeing with the old screen, in the evening I was meeting up with Steve who recommended a restaurant in the Jomtien Complex,

 not having been there for some time I wandered around,

 taking pictures as I went,

 this was where we were going to eat, the restaurant with no name,

 and this is a shop I have not seen for a long time, an art gallery where you take a photograph or picture in and it is painted in oils on canvas for you to take home, they used to be a common sight on Walking Street, but with rising rents they have moved away, it was nice to see one here,

 I soon found Steve we had arranged to meet at another bar first,

 then we were off to the restaurant,

 the Jomtien Tower in the distance,

 and here we were,

 a starter for Steve of pate,

egg mayonnaise for myself,


 a selection of meats for Steve,

lots of them,

 for myself baked salmon,

 both main courses came with a bowl of vegetables,

 by a strange quirk of fate Steve has the same camera that I have, a Lumix DMC-FZ200,

 on to the desserts, apple crumble for Steve with ice cream,

 apple and rhubarb for myself with cream,

 we rounded the meal off with a latte coffee each,

 the whole meal was so good, there is a selection of dishes to chose from for each course the 3 courses 350 baht, but it is another 50 baht extra for some of the steak dishes, but excellent value for money,

 and I have to mention the service which was first class, 

this was our waiter for the evening who enjoyed having his picture taken so much,

 the latte coffees were extra, but worth every baht,

I spoke to Diana in the evening who had arrived safe and sound and surprised her parents, family and friends by not telling them she was flying in, so great amusement when she appeared out of the blue, in chatting I said when she returns we would pop here for a change of venue one evening, we finished the meal and said our farewells both making a move for home,

 I said it was the restaurant with no name, because outside there is no name, but this is it, Cafe Ritz,

 well worth trying and easy to find, just look for the restaurant with no name! arriving home there was a film on TMN so I watched that which was followed by another then for me off to bed.

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