Saturday, 19 September 2015

Now We Are The Proud Owners,

of a Kindle,

and now have a total of 11 books on it, I was wondering will this and other computerised aids like say listening books lead to the end of public libraries? well I have to say no if they look like this one,

this is Prague's Klementinum library, it was opened in 1722 and has easily become one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, aside from housing over 20,000 novels,

the library has Renaissance-style ceiling paintings by Jan Hiebl, that pays homage to the fact that the library was originally a Jesuit university, many of the school's rare, 17th-century books are still amongst its collection today, in 1777, Maria Theresa declared Klementinum to be a public and university library, this allowed the Prague community to witness this local treasure in person, to marvel at the globes that line the centre of the library, and to study Jan Klein's intricate astronomical clocks,

 the clocks have a fascinating history all of their own especially the Prague Astronomical Clock, dating back to 1402 for a look at some more stunningly beautiful libraries have a look here.

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