Sunday, 27 September 2015

What Will The Future Bring?

well here are a few ideas from around the year 1900 about today,

a series of futuristic pictures by Jean-Marc Côté and other artists issued in France in 1899, 1900, 1901 and 1910, originally in the form of paper cards enclosed in cigarette/cigar boxes and, later, as postcards, the images depicted the world as it was imagined to be like in the year 2000, there are at least 87 cards known that were authored by various French artists, the first series being produced for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris, so how far fetched are they? an electric sweeper, today a vacuum cleaner,

 a farmer remotely crops his fields using an overhead cable, today he would use a sat/nav to operate his harvesters,

single person aeroplane well they are around now, not sure about the flying policeman though,

a spy in a helicopter, almost like a modern day drone,

 a whale bus, I have to say I am at a loss for a modern day equivalent, but here is a thought, put down on paper what you think we will all be doing in say 2115.

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