Tuesday, 15 September 2015

We Had A Few Things To Buy,

so into town,

 we parked the bike at the rear of TukCom,

 and made our way into the side entrance, I was looking to buy a Kindle ebook reader, they are available from Amazon but I was hoping to buy one over here, I tried ordering one from Amazon but received the message that they will not ship this product to Thailand, I was hoping there was a local agent, no such luck, but I did find out that a store claims to sell them in Central Festival, so off to see them tomorrow,

 next stop Friendship supermarket, the new outlet for them next door up and running,

but we wanted just the usual mundane bits and pieces like milk, ham, bread, etc,

I spent the rest of the day updating the blog, but after our evening meal it was feet up for a couple from Foyle's War, for tonight, The Cage and Sunflower, with the end of those we were off to bed.

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