Saturday, 26 September 2015

First Stop,

at the Friendship supermarket,

 I am nearly out of sandwiches,

 and with Saturday nearly here a little treat for Saturday evening,

 on the way back I called in at the coffee stall for an ice coffee,

 and the local market for some bananas to snack on,

 home for tea and medals then a call to say that Steve's motorcycle policy had arrived so off to Jack Levy's office where I meet Jack and caught up with how he was,

 by now it was time for the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 the cranes have disappeared so I guess work in now continuing inside the new codominion,

 looking inland blue skies,

 I stopped at the lamp shop, we use one of these as a night light in the bedroom, it has been intermittently not working for a few times until it is switched on and off, well I decided it must be the bulb being a bit loose so I gave it a turn, me, electrics? the whole bulb assembly fell apart in my hands,

 which was good news for the stall holder, I think I was the first customer of the evening,

 opposite the bar this evening a shoe stall and a 49 baht clothes stall,

 I made my way along the stalls,

 to the covered over food area,

 and pet section,

 sunset over the market,

 then back uphill towards the road,

looking inland, if you look carefully you might be able to see the moon in the center of the picture,

 in many places over the weekend it will be a blood moon, but not here in the Far East,

 I was joined this evening by Steve along with Brian and some of his wife's family, Kiaw and Wut,

 after saying our goodbyes it was home and change then motorbike taxi to meet Steve in the Jomtien Complex for a pre dinner drink, he had said that he had found a restaurant that he thought I should try,

 so we made our way through the complex,

 passing a few bars on the way, 

 this one offering a cabaret show,

 there are numerous bars and restaurants here,

 and this is the one we are going to,


 there is seating both outside,

 and inside,

 we were made most welcome by the owner Peter who runs the restaurant with his wife,

our waiter for the evening brought our first course,

Steve had said how delicious the garlic prawns were, great way to serve them each with it's own cover,

  in fact he said they were so nice he would have them again,

  so he did and so did I, he was right they were delicious, so much so I ate lots of bread soaking up the garlic butter they were served in,

 we then decided to share the caviar course,

 'Cheers!', from both of us, 

 red Russian caviar from Kamchatka from the Far East of Russia, served with quails eggs, salad, mayonnaise, gherkins and silver onions, and what presentation, shear decadence!

 Peter called over to make sure we were enjoying our meal,

 I should say so!

 I am sure I can get a little more on top, 

 and for my second attempt, we were going to have a main course, but I have to say I had filled myself up with bread from both courses, I was so full which was a shame as the main courses looked so appetizing,

 even Steve was full so he too skipped the main course but decided on a banana split,

 which was a meal in itself, what a find, well done to Steve, I am really looking forward to taking Diana here when she is back from the Philippines,

 the restaurant's card,

and map, Peter and the staff made us so welcome, also I should point out that there is a set menu of 5 different starters, main courses and desserts all for just 395 baht, but I am pretty sure I will be going with the sizzling prawns, if you want a night out of fine dining this is the place, what a find,

 we said our farewells, 

and made our way back through the complex, Steve on his bike as he did not have a drink, myself on a motorbike taxi,

 I watched a couple of films, both of which we had seen before, both good fun, firstly Land of the Lost, for some strange reason the film scored a low 5.3 heaven knows why we both thought it was so funny when we watched it together and still is even watching it again,

then a golden oldie, Kind Hearts and Coronets, a film I have watched many times and still enjoy, but should you say that about a mass murder that kills 8 members of his own family? I guess not in these PC times but I still thought it was a hoot, so there, next for me off to bed.

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