Sunday, 2 July 2017

I Am Hopeless At Spelling And Grammar,

there is one rule that however does help me,

“I before E, except after C.” the grammar master then went on to add that there were a few exceptions, as in a "zeitgeist of feisty counterfeit heifer protein freight heists reining in weird deified beige beings and their veiny and eidetic atheist foreign schlockmeister neighbors, either aweigh with feigned absenteeism, seized by heightened heirloom forfeitures (albeit deigned under a kaleidoscope ceiling weighted by seismic geisha keister sleighs) or leisurely reimbursing sovereign receipt or surveillance of eight veiled and neighing Rottweilers, herein referred to as their caffeinated sheik's Weimaraner poltergeist wieners from the Pleiades." so that rule really helped then! and do not get me started on words that break both the “i before e” and “except after c” formulations at once, including cheiromancies, cleidomancies, eigenfrequencies and oneiromancies, and yes they are all properer words, although not much used today, for a full run down on English grammar have a look here, the above clip is from a film we have seen many times and really enjoy, A Series of Unfortunate Events,  a great film to watch and enjoy.

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