Sunday, 2 July 2017

Saturday Is Maintenance Day,

so Diana started in the kittens room,

 some thing had caught Hogue's attention,

 in the front yard as he climbed up the mosquito netting,

 meanwhile Mariana was helping Diana change the water in their pool,

 moving water just fascinates the kittens,

 especially Mariana,

 who continually paws at it, 

 Hogue looked on, 

 meanwhile for myself it was 40% water out,

 and fresh water back into the aquarium,

 in the evening our bar-b-q, garlic bread,

 followed by mussels,

 then lite the barby, and with smoke,


 and showers of sparks, 

 it was on, 

 with the pork fillets,


 Diana had prepared some potato, with onions, garlic and bacon bits, plus some broccoli, delicious, a had a false alarm, it was a bit cloudy to say the least and we felt one or two drops or rain, but that was thankfully it, we chatted the evening away and towards the midnight hour made a move inside where we were off to bed.

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