Thursday, 6 July 2017

This Is Something,

you do not see very often,

 a racing moped, built and designed for drag racing,

 stripped down to the bare essentials, this started life as a 49cc 1982 Piaggio Ciao PX,

 Marco and Mario from Italy’s OMT Garage decided to make an out and out drag bike from the famous scooter, with the from brake now removed, there is only the rear brake to stop you after you cross the line, it is activated with the lever on the left of the bars, the lever on the right manages the throttle,

to save weight everything has been reduced to a minimum, including the seat, the chassis was reinforced and modified , bespoke tank and racing fairings added and the little two-strokes capacity was raised to 75cc, up from the factory’s 49cc, electronic ignition was also added plus a 19mm carb, a hand-made exhaust, a lightened flywheel and some genuine slick tires makes the bike look like it has won the race before it has started! out of interest the bike took the boys 2 weeks from start to finish, what a neat machine, their Facebook page is here, as an aside in case you think these 49cc machines are slow, in speed trails back in 1954 the BAUMM I crossed the line at 151 km / h, yes you read that correctly 98 miles per hour! the BAUMM II at 98 cc manged to reach 178km / h, a tad over 110 miles per hour, amazing.

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