Wednesday, 5 July 2017

We Decided On A Day Out,

so off to Silverlake we went,

 the day was a bit overcast to say the least,

 on the way we stopped off at a couple of temple complex's,

 this the second,

and here the third,

the building on the left as we drove in,

 the front as you would arrive from the road,

I made my way around the building,

 and took,

  a couple of pictures of Diana, 

 on to our next stop, Silverlake

 the site is about 25 miles from Pattaya,

 we drove through the back roads to get there,

 but the quickest way of course is on the Sumkivitt Road then turn into the road that leads to the Buddha mountain, it is just past the mountain,

and here is a quickly put together video of our day out, I am sure Diana will post a much better one later, 

 arriving home one of the cactus had flowered,

 well it had two of them as it happens, here today gone tomorrow, 

after our evening meal we watched Bargain Hunt amongst others until it was time for another two from Black Sails, a crackingly good series, the sets, acting, costumes, story-line, everything is so spot on, and with that we were of the bed.

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