Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Whilst Playing With The Colour Swapping Software,

I wondered if it would work on normal pictures,

so here are the results of a few I tried, an eagle and an iguana,

  that we pictured when we went to,

luckily both subjects remained still, 

the effect is easy to do,

I opened the picture in Photoshop CC 15, 

and using the Viveza 2 in the NIK Collection I scrolled down to the level and curves graph, made two control points, you can use three of four, and moved them till I or I should say Viveza produced the affect I liked, I then just clicked Save As in the file menu at the top of the page and it was done,

 it was so easy to do, here are a few more, the dinosaur from the forecourt of the French Antique shop,

on the Sukhumvit Road,

 the rest of the pictures,

we took at the,

back in February of this year,

so if you have some pictures lurking somewhere in your computer and you want to give them a totally new look,

try using the Viveza 2 software in the NIK Collection, and the good news? it is free! music to my ears!

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