Sunday, 19 February 2017

As There Are Lots Of Pictures,

I am only making one post today,

 early in the morning we were off, in the truck to the Pattaya Bike Week, the end of which takes place in the grounds of the Burapa stadium,

 as we walked from the car park,

 we passed a number of displays,

 with some motorcycles in front of them,

 we had planned to eat our breakfast here, but none of the food-stalls had opened,

 we made our way into the showground,

 the perimeter of which ha so many stalls pitched up around it,

 at first glance this might not seem out of the ordinary, just an old Ariel motorcycle,

 but what makes it so different from the rest is that it is diesel powered,

 I am not sure why, but many of the stalls here are American Indian themed,

 this stall with a leather working making all manner of things,

 the amazing thing is that each stall has something different,

 some a bit scary!

 at first I thought a VW beach buggie, 

 which Diana quiet liked,

 but I was wrong,

 instead of a VW engine it had what I think is a Toyota 2 litre turbo charged unit, which should give it a good turn of speed,

 I do not know why I just think these motorised bikes look so neat, 

unlike last year there was a second showground,

 celebrating the event, 

 for any one needing a turn of speed this Westfield 7 was up for sale,

 and this was no slow coach either,

 stunningly good looking and you can bet very fast, 

 like these two,

 a favourite of mine, a Ducati,

 which looks so mean from whatever angle you look at it from, 

 there were a few classic cars here as well, although we were here so early many of them had not yet arrived,

 then some great British classics, there were all here, Matchless,



and Sunbeam,

 and one from the States,

 it has been at the show every year for as long as I have attended them, I wonder if it will ever be restored?

 left over from the Vietnam War I guess,

 there was a display from a company that uses propeller power, 

 like this swamp boat,

 and James Bond back pack,

 looking almost like a Triumph except the exposed camshaft tunnel this Kawasaki W650 has wrapped exhaust pipes,

 a early Land Rover, it seems strange to think that this farmers work vehicle led to the SVAutobiography which costs £150,000!

 participants of the bike week have spent the past several days touring around Thailand, camping out each nigh, but for some with small petrol tanks a minor modification has been made,

 an extra large petrol tank, and you can see when you are getting low on fuel!

 full marks for embarking on a huge tour on one of these scooters which were essentially designed as a commuting moped,

 this looked rather nice in black, 

 we made our way into the central showground,

 and had a look at the horses,

 I should have said, 

 horse head models, 

 but there were some real horse here,

 which Diana was not too sure about,

 with wig-wams and saloons,  

 there was defiantly a Wild West flavour to the event,

 and iron horses like this one,

 we had seen this particular motorcycle at previous shows,

 having said that,

 the amount of time that must have gone into the detailing of it is almost unimaginable,

 we made our way past the main stage, 

 to the stalls that surround the show ground,

 and if you had time you could have a haircut,

 Diana with the scary model,

 there is somebody in there,

 scarfs seem to be popular this year,

 some a bit scary at first glance,

 going back to an American Indian theme, dream catchers

 sunglasses, half the price of the ones in the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

now that is what I call a fashion statement!

 we made a move for home, unfortunately the food-stalls still had not opened,

 so we stopped off here for breakfast,

 it is a small restaurant on a road that runs from the Sumkivitt Road to Thepprasit Road,

 but I could not see what the restaurant was called,

 so a bowl of, 

 pork noodle soup each,

 with beansprouts,

 arriving home it was time for Saturday maintenance to the kittens pool, also to put the plastic plant in the pool,

 Mariana jumped up at it straight away,

 trying to smell it, 

 into the pool it went,

 Mariana playing with it immediately, 

 it took some time for Cable to summon enough courage to have a look,  

 but he was soon pawing at it,  

 strangely enough Hogue did not take the slightest interest in it,

 whilst that was going on, I drained about half of the aquarium water,

 and replaced it, whilst doing that standing by the aquarium, 

 unknown to me Mariana had jumped onto the sideboard, then on to me to me finally quick as a flash landing on the aquarium, so I grabbed the camera,

 there was so much to see,

and all of that splashing water, 

 she made her way around the top of it, 

 smelling everything she saw,

 and having a good look around,

 and at the fish,

 next change the refrigerator magnet, and remember the Underground we used so often in London

 next stop Country Favourites, to order our meal for this evening, it is a take away but there are few tables outside, it is located on Soi Bonkai, 

it is difficult to describe where it is so I hope this map helps, the restaurant is where the red diamond is,

 a few friends called over for the evening meal, from the left Diana, Cher, Jim, Mark, Mr. Tony and Slim Jim, we were all so hungry we forgot to take a picture of the starters,  

 but here is one of the main course, 

 Diana surprised us with a cake that she smuggled into the house,

 we had some fresh fruit as well,

 Cher cut the cake and afterwards we all had some delicious liqueur that Jim and Cher had brought over with them, plus all of the other drinks that everyone brought with them meant that the evening went really well, we all chatted the evening away and after saying our farewells went inside, 

 we let the kittens out for an hour or so, then it happened again, as I bent down to pick up Cable to put them back in their room, 

Mariana pounced,

 luckily this time she was a little more gentle with her claws, after putting the kittens back in their room we were then off to bed.

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